Maybe the most significant inquiry we would possible be able to pose is, “would we say we are distant from everyone else in the Universe?”.

Thus far, the appropriate response has been, “I don’t have the foggiest idea”. That is to say, it’s an immense Universe, with several billions of stars in the Milky Way, and now we realize there are trillions of cosmic systems in the Universe.

Is there life closer to home? Shouldn’t something be said about in the Solar System? There are a couple of existing spots we could search forever up close and personal. Actually wherever in the Solar System where there’s fluid water. Any place we discover water on Earth, we discover life, so it bode well to scan for places with fluid water in the Solar System.

I know, I know, life could take a wide range of great structures. Edified creatures of unadulterated vitality, living among us at this moment. Or on the other hand possibly space whales on Titan that swim through pools of alkali. Blare boop silicon robot lifeforms that figure the squandered capability of our lives.

Certainly, we could scan for those things, and we will. Afterward. We haven’t completed this fundamental issue yet. Earth water life? Check! Other water life? No thought.

It turns out, water’s wherever in the Solar System. In comets and space rocks, on the frigid moons of Jupiter and Saturn, particularly Europa or Enceladus. Or then again you could search for life on Mars.

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