I have written on various topics and I never start writing with a certain topic in my mind.  I’m a beginner but I hope this helps you. 
a few topics that work out really well are:-

  1. Diary entries:- yes.  start with any date and narrate an incident.  with the magic of words you’ll soon find a painting instead of just a diary entry.
  2. teenage love:- if you’re a blogger, then most of your readers will be teenagers and youngsters.  this topic fascinates them.
  3. Your country :- write about your country.  pick up some debatable issue.  a hot topic and present your views.
  4. self love:- in this world full of chaos, people often forget about the themselves.  we all love someone or something but when will we fall in love with ourselves? self love is an amazing topic to write on.  it won’t only make the readers happy, but it will also make you happy.
  5. nature :- write about a winter afternoon or a monsoon night or a spring morning.  describe nature vividly.  notice the things that are left unnoticed.
  6. social issues:- put your opinions strongly.  don’t let others influence your opinion.  topics such as child labour, equality, women security etc.  don’t write an essay.  write a story or a poem.
  7. love and sex:- try writing an intimate conversation.  you can also wrote about falling in love.  write something that sends shivers down the reader’s spines.
  8. motivational:- these days people lack motivation and confidence.  write stories or even poems of quotes that motivates people.
  9. about yourself :- your experience or what you’re going through.  don’t use first person rather use second person or a character.  people will be able to connect and even you’ll feel good.

when it comes to writing, you can never say which topic is the best.  write what you feel and feel what you write.  all the best.
explore what interests you and you’ll find that others will find it interesting too. 

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